Case Study Breakdown: How to Create An Awesome Customer Experience For A First Time Buyer

Do you want to create an awesome customer experience for a first time buyer?

Do you want your customer to have an experience that makes them feel special and makes them want to become a brand advocate….

All without you having to ask or spend an extra dollar to do so?

Well, try taking a leaf out of EDU-preneur Sara Cordiner’s book (yes, pun intended) and provide a little “wow-factor” with a super-charged personalised note.

And when I say personalised, I don’t mean a “generic” personalised note that simply says something along the lines of…

Dear Con,
I hope you find my new book helpful.
Best of luck in doing whatever it is you do.

I mean really taking the time to build up a bit of a profile on your customer (it doesn’t have to consume huge amounts of time)…

And then totally making the note about them & their success.

Here’s what Sarah wrote when she recently signed my copy of her new book:

“The Theory & Principles of Creating Effective Training Courses: What To Do Before Creating Your Course”

Dear Con,

Your commitment to soloprenurs and small business is inspiring!

Keep sharing your knowledge and expertise – you will change people’s lives!

Cheering you on!

With love ,



Let’s take a moment here to break this down into its component parts so you can see why it works, and perhaps use the same strategy in your own world….


Part 1:
Say G’Day (or The Salutation)

Sarah Says:
Dear Con,



It’s simple, relatively informal, and uses my first name to create familiarity, rather than keeping the tone formal by saying “Dear Mr Dolmas”.

This is the greeting of a friend or friendly associate.


Part 2:
Love Your Work Champ (or Here’s Part of Your Story I Can Relate To)

Sarah Says:
Your commitment to soloprenurs and small business is inspiring!


This is where the wow factor begins…

A simple statements like this says the writer has taken the time to find out a little about you, and what you do.

It also says the writer has thought about what you do and wants to share what she/he thinks about it.

And most importantly, how your mission makes the writer feel.

When a statement like this comes from a stranger, it packs a powerful punch. And even more so when it comes from a known associate or friend.

This is the point in the note that sets the tone and keeps the recipient hooked and wanting to read more, wanting to see where this is heading.

It works well because the message is all about the customer….

Just look at the very first word, YOUR…

The words You and Your immediately make it clear that the focus is all about me, the reader. (Hat Tip to Paul Godden for recently reminding me of this golden nugget)


Part 3:
Keep It Up Champ, You’re On A Winner Here (or Here’s Where I Encourage You To Keep Casting Your Magic)

Sarah Says:
Keep sharing your knowledge and expertise – you will change people’s lives!

Cheering you on!


This is where your reader feels the boost…

So from a wow-factor perspective, this is where you take on the role of “prophet” & “trusted advisor” and effectively predict the future by future-pacing what success can look like for your customer.

Choose your words carefully and link them back to your customer’s mission (whether explicit or implied)

In my case, Sarah read between the lines of my various social media profiles and saw that my (implied) mission was to “change people’s lives”, so she predicted that result for me.

And with that last simple statement predicting my success, I was hooked.

I was sold on Sarah’s brand before I even read a single word of her book.

Seriously folks, take note of what she did, it’s so simple yet oh so powerful (deceptively so).


But just as important as what she did, is what she DIDN’T do….

And that was to make the message all about HER.

Let’s face it, we all love talking about ourselves…

We all love reinforcing to others the things we like about ourselves and minimizing the things we don’t.

Just take a moment to reflect on this…

In Sarah’s case, she could have chosen to talk more about herself.


Here’s what I mean.

This was HER book….


And this was an opportunity for her to overtly reinforce HER message by talking about her self and her book…

But instead of making the message about HER, and all the wonderful things she brings to the table….

Or all the amazing information in her new book….

Effectively reinforcing to me how wonderful she is (which incidentally may have resulted in the opposite of the intended effect)….



She chooses to make it ALL ABOUT ME.

And in doing so, wins me over before we’re even out of the starting blocks.

Race won, gold medal to Sarah….

All before the starting gun has fired.


Sure it’s a simple formula….

But when executed well (like Sarah has just done), it’s incredibly powerful.

Be like Sarah. Wow YOUR customers.


So what do YOU think of this?

Do you agree that this approach can be effective?

Perhaps you disagree?


Either way, let me know, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this experience.


Speak Up. Be Heard.



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