How to Clear the Overwhelm And Share Your Expertise In A Structured Way That Helps Others Learn “To Do It Like You”

​Tell me if this situation sounds familiar?

You know stuff.

In fact, you know lots of stuff.

And by that I mean that you know how to do lots of useful things.

Maybe it’s cooking the perfect lasagne…

Maybe it’s setting up the perfect website…

Maybe it’s sharing the perfect social media update…

Whatever it is, the fact is that there’s something you know how to do, that makes other people (like your friends, colleagues and clients), think that you’re “a bit of an expert” when it comes to doing THAT thing.

You know EXACTLY how to do THAT thing, and you do it rather well.

But you do it well, not because of some mysterious superpower you developed as a result of being bitten by a radioactive spider (sorry Spider-Man!)…

You do it well because you have a “method” that works.

Now, you may not have developed the method by yourself….

It may have been taught to you by someone else…

But that doesn’t matter.

The important thing here is that you know exactly how to execute that method.

But when it comes to sharing “what you do” and “how you do it” with someone else….

You’re blood pressure rises and your mind turns to mush.

There’s so much you want to share that you don’t know where to start and it can be rather overwhelming.

And that’s a normal reaction.

It can be tough knowing where to begin.

After all, trying to get all that awesome information out of your head, and putting it all into an ordered, easy-to-follow sequence-of-steps that somebody else can replicate….


That can be quite a daunting task.

So how do you clear the overwhelm and share your expertise in a structured way that helps the other person learn “to do it like you”?

I’ll let the following story answer that question.

A few years ago, a boutique business consulting firm in Australia, needed to create a series of “How-To” style training videos for a big client in the technology & communications industry.

This was a significant piece of work.

And it was the final step in a huge system implementation project that the consulting firm had been working on with the client for the better part of a year.

It was important for the consultants to get the training videos right, because their reputation was on the line.

So they looked through their talent roster and found the person for the job.

The consultant tasked with developing the training videos was a smart guy.

He understood the subject matter that needed to be covered….

Which meant he knew what had to be taught.

He instinctively understood how to navigate his way around the systems and processes that he needed to teach…

Which meant he knew the individual steps that needed to be included in the videos.

And he was a video editing whiz…

Which meant he had all the skills and software needed to create and publish high quality online training videos.

So in the minds of his leadership team, he was the perfect candidate for the job.

But here’s where this story gets interesting.

Despite having the right subject matter expertise…

And the right technical skills to create awesome tutorial videos…

He wasn’t quite sure where to start.

Sure, he knew what the end result had to be. And he also knew roughly what he needed to do.

But he wasn’t quite sure the exact order everything had to go in, for the videos to be perceived as being well structured and easy to follow.

He wasn’t quite sure what his VERY FIRST STEP needed to be.

And he was equally unsure of the next step after that…

And the next step after that…

And the next step after that

…ok, I don’t want to labour the point too much, but I’m sure you get the picture by now.

He had all the tools he needed to do a professional job…

But one thing was missing.

A roadmap for pulling it all together.

What he was missing was a structure for creating the perfect “How To” style training video.

Something to help him take all the incredible knowledge that was in his head, and structure it in a way that would help him deliver on the super-high expectations everyone had.

Let me stop here for a moment.

The surprising thing about this story isn’t that a smart guy didn’t quite know where to start…

No, the surprising thing about this story is that it’s not a unique situation.

It turns out that highly capable, intelligent and very knowledgeable people across the globe struggle with this very same problem.

Who knew, right?!

But it’s not their fault.

You see, structured, step-by-step analytical thinking is not so common a trait.

In fact, I’ve heard it said that only a small percentage of the population innately possess this skill.

So what’s the solution?

Here’s what I recommend…

Use a methodology developed by one of these innate analytical thinkers…

And every time you need to get it right, just apply the template that comes with the methodology.


Oh, and in case you’re wondering what the consultant ended up doing, and how the story ends…

The consultant was a friend of mine, and I shared with him my blueprint for building effective, no-nonsense “How To” style training videos, which he applied to his project.

In the end…

The client was happy.

The training videos were successful.

And the consultant received kudos and recognition from his leadership team.

So as you can see, this story has a happy ending.

But tell me, how does YOUR story end?

Does it end with kudos and recognition?

Or ineffective training videos and unhappy clients?

Imagine the difference it would make to your productivity and results…

If you had a proven roadmap to help you pull it all together, fast.

Something simple and effective to help you create the perfect “How To” style, training video.


This roadmap exists, and it’s called…

The Tutorial Video Blueprint

A super-simple and highly effective 5-step method that has been called “The Essential Framework” for Transforming “How To” Style Training Videos In To Learning Experiences Your Audience Will Adore

I just call it my go-to method for creating tutorial videos.

Ready to get started?

Just leave a comment down below saying “I want the Quick Start Guide” and I’ll send you a link to download The Tutorial Video Blueprint Quick Start Guide…

As the name suggests, it’s a super quick read and you’ll be done and dusted in under a minute.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering…

It’s totally free, so leave that credit card in your wallet where it belongs and download it as soon as you get the link.

Once again, to grab a copy of The Tutorial Video Blueprint Quick Start Guide, leave a comment below.

Speak Up. Be Heard.




PS: Due to the overwhelming number of comments received for copies of the Quick Start Guide, and the delays experienced because I’m sending them all manually, I’ve decided we need a better way to manage the volumes here. Shortly I’ll be establishing an automated download button to fulfil your requests on a more timely basis.

In the meantime I’ve deleted all the comments requesting downloads so other comments don’t get lost in forest. Thanks for your patience.

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