Can You Really Make More Webinar Sales With Honesty Than Hype? – Part 2

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Carrying on from where we left off in Part 1, it’s time to address the main question head on

So if the traditional approach to webinar selling has been based on over-inflated hype for so long, how then do you make an honest, less-hyped-up webinar sale?

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Can You Really Make More Webinar Sales With Honesty Than Hype?

Well, the very first thing you do is to start with the intent to educate your audience, rather than immediately trying to sell something to them. A great way to start down this path is by using a sales model known as “Teach to Sell”.

Using this model, you’ll teach your prospects about the benefits of your product and help them to see your product as a solution to a problem they’re currently experiencing.

This is probably something many of you already know (and something quite a few of you may already do), so rather than harp on about WHAT you should do, which you already know, let me dive deep here and tell you HOW to do it.


A little side note here: I sent my original draft of this blog series to the colleague who inspired me to write it in the first place, and she thought I was crazy for just giving away all this valuable information. She told me I should stick to blog posts that explain WHAT to do, not HOW to do it. She suggested that I should rethink my strategy and perhaps turn this little-known “HOW TO” information into a paid product….or at the very least, a lead magnet that would help build my list of followers and subscribers further.

Obviously, since you’re reading this post, I resisted her counsel.

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So back to my story…

If you’re sick and tired of the over-hyped pitch, and feel it is incongruent with your own personal, authentic voice, here’s an alternative method that’s proven to work well…

First, structure a webinar in two parts, a teaching part followed by a selling part.

At the beginning of the teaching part, make your audience a promise.

In clear, simple language, promise to show them the steps necessary to achieve one or more of the really BIG BENEFITS that your product delivers and then go ahead and begin the education.

When you finish teaching your material and you’re transitioning from the teaching phase to the selling phase, take the BIGGEST BENEFIT (you know, the biggest benefit your method or solution provides), and wrap it up with a bow, like this…

“When you follow the steps I’ve just shown you, you will (Insert Big Benefit.) Do you see how powerful this is?”

If you’re on an interactive webinar, ask them to type “yes” in the response box to confirm they see how powerful the information really is.

Doing this helps you reinforce the power of the message, and helps clarify the value of the information in the audience’s mind.

Remind them that this info took you years of research, or trial and error, to figure out (whichever the case may be).

Remind them also that you made a promise at the beginning of the webinar that you would show them the steps necessary to achieve the BIG BENEFIT.

Ask them a simple reaffirming question like “Did I deliver on my promise?” and again ask them to share a few thoughts via the response box.

You should see quite a few positive responses coming through right about now.

This time, read some of these answers off, especially the ones that add a little detail around the value they feel they’ve received. This provides social proof that you’ve delivered exactly what you said you would.

So now that you’ve proven that you deliver on what you promise, talk a little bit more about how easy and enjoyable it is to achieve the big benefit in the manner you just taught.

Take a moment to acknowledge the excitement being generated around you, and verbalise what many in the audience may be thinking by saying something like, “if you’re anything like me, then you’re probably eager to get started!”

Remind them you’ve only scratched the surface.

Something along the lines of….“Even though I’ve shared my entire step-by-step system with you on this webinar, without holding back, as you can imagine there are tons of details on how to do all of this that we just didn’t have time to cover.”

“If you are already well versed in what we covered, you may very well be able to figure out all of these details on your own. It could take a while and you might make a few mistakes along the way, but like I just said, you should be able to do it. And if you can do it on your own, that’s terrific.”

“But if you’d like to hit the ground running, so to speak, and avoid all the time-wasting missteps and detours that I took the first time around, then you might just want some help to get to the finish line faster.”

“Everyone knows that it’s always easier to do something new when you have someone to show you how, rather than trying to figure it out on your own.”

“For example, you’ll need to figure out how to: ____ and ___” Here you make a list of the things they’ll have to figure out, based upon your presentation and the product you’re offering them….and round it off with a final reminder about all the things they don’t know by saying something like…”Plus everything else that you don’t know and will have to discover along the way….after all, right at this point in time, you don’t know what you don’t know, so you don’t have a roadmap of all the potential pitfalls awaiting”

Now that we’ve set the scene, this is about the right point to start talking about your offer.

And so in part 3 of this series I’ll conclude by taking you through the offer and demonstrating how to deliver a hype-free sales pitch that won’t leave your audience with a bad taste in their mouth.

OK, it’s feedback time again ladies & gentlemen!

What are your thoughts on the approach outlined so far?

Are you interested in hearing more on how to implement this in your next webinar or has this topic put you to sleep?

Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.


Speak Up. Be Heard.



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